Tammy Krenz Named Director of Project Administration

Tammy’s role at Berghammer has long involved much more than solely project coordinator duties as the Lead Coordinator. Her new title is a more appropriate reflection of her standing within the organization as the director of administrative standards, protocols, and compliance on our construction projects. Tammy has long been the leader in maintaining and enforcing the project control and documentation standards that are necessary for effective project management in our fast-paced and often chaotic construction world. She is our internal control for risk management on a project management level to ensure documentation standards are maintained. Under Tammy’s tutelage, the entire coordinator team has continued to grow as an extension of these traits and skills that we value as a company.

Cafe Arrowhead Lobster Boil for Special Olympics

Berghammer staff enjoyed their dinners during the 20th annual Cafe Arrowhead Lobster Boil at Arrowhead High School on Friday, April 28, 2017. The popular event features lobster, steak and other delicious menu options as well as a raffle/silent auction. Proceeds benefit Cafe Arrowhead’s special education program and AHS Special Olympics.