JAX Inc. (JAX), a US-based industrial lubricant manufacturer, sought to establish a new global corporate headquarters to drive their expansion plans and strengthen their competitive position. Their objective was to create a facility that reflected their brand identity and optimized operational efficiencies. To accomplish this vision, JAX partnered with us to develop their branded headquarters.

Problem Statement

JAX faced the challenge of finding a construction partner who truly understood their unique needs, aspirations, and challenges. They aimed to go beyond a standard build-to-suit or spec. building approach. JAX’s primary focus was to position itself on a global scale, foster business growth, and improve manufacturing efficiencies.


To address JAX’s requirements comprehensively, we engaged in deep conversations with their team. This allowed us to thoroughly understand their successes, challenges, and specific needs. Our early involvement in the project enabled us to guide the design and financial aspects, ensuring alignment with JAX’s goals.

As part of the solution, Berghammer took responsibility for leading the coordination of the design and construction process, with particular emphasis on the mechanical and electrical aspects of the facility, to ensure the new systems met the requirements of the manufacturing operations. Berghammer also sourced and priced high-end finishes for the headquarters’ interior and exterior areas, which incorporated employee-friendly amenities such as hiking trails and a rooftop deck to enhance the overall workspace.


The outcome is a cutting-edge, global corporate headquarters for JAX, spanning 130,000 square feet. This includes 31,000 square feet dedicated to two office floors, a warehouse, a production area, and receiving space. The construction project was successfully completed within 14 months at $21 million.

The new headquarters effectively embodies JAX’s vision, enabling them to differentiate themselves further, drive business growth, support future expansion plans, and achieve improved efficiencies throughout their manufacturing processes, propelling their success in the industry.

Architect: Zimmerman Architectural Studios
Photography: C+N Photography