Occhetti Foods Expansion Completed

We recently completed a 22,650-square-foot expansion for Occhetti Foods in Milwaukee, WI! The project aimed to provide the client with additional warehouse space, processing rooms, conditioned storage areas, and food-grade features. Our team worked closely with the owner to ensure that operations continued uninterrupted during construction.

We did face some initial challenges with the site, including limited space for stormwater design and a problematic existing subgrade. However, our team’s extensive experience in these areas helped us to work quickly with city officials on a stormwater design solution and with both special foundation designers and governmental representatives to manage through the subgrade limitations.

Ultimately, the exterior design wrapped around the existing building and the new expansion to give it a cohesive, industrial feel. We’re proud of the finished product and grateful to have partnered with Occhetti Foods and our design partners, EUAREYN Engineering, Inc. and The Sigma Group, Inc. on this exciting project!