Tiffany May Rejoins Berghammer

Tiffany May has rejoined the Berghammer team after spending the past five years working for a national contractor. She began her career in 2001, interning with Berghammer for three years before completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Marquette University. For the next nine years, she grew as a leader in the Berghammer management team, and in 2012 was named an Associate, a recognition for those on a possible path to firm ownership. “We are very excited that Tiffany has returned to Berghammer. Tiffany will become the first female shareholder in the business on January 1, 2022, adding greater diversity to our management team,” said Berghammer President, Jim Parks. Tiffany’s primary duties will include client relationship management and shepherding the preconstruction process. She also will serve as a role model and mentor to further grow our team as leaders.