Tiffany May Named Principal

On January 1, 2022, Tiffany May became a shareholder of Berghammer Construction Corporation. As Berghammer’s first female principal, she adds to the diversity in the ownership team. “We are thrilled to have Tiffany become a shareholder,” said Berghammer President Jim Parks. “Tiffany returned to our team in July of 2021, and she has already had an impact on establishing new relationships, rekindling old ones, and adding a boost of energy to our preconstruction process.”

Tiffany began her career at Berghammer in 2001 as an intern and worked in project management for the firm until 2014, at which time she pursued an opportunity with a national firm. In January of 2021, Tiffany and Jim Parks reconnected, and the conversation evolved into an offer to return to Berghammer as a shareholder.

Berghammer Construction Ownership:

James F. Parks, President
Kevin White, Executive Vice President
Matt Iwanski, Senior Vice President
Tiffany May, Vice President – Preconstruction
Martin Chapa, Vice President – Healthcare Construction
Chris Rosene, Chief Financial Officer