Perhaps an owner’s most critical decision in a construction project is the delivery method — the working relationship among designers, builders and subcontractors. Each method has varying impacts on costs, risks, timetables and the level of owner control.

Berghammer Construction is versed in each of the standard methods employed in modern construction:

  • Design-Build — An owner hires Berghammer as the Design Builder. Berghammer in turn engages an architect specializing in the specific construction style, and assumes responsibility for all aspects of the design and construction process.
  • Design-Bid-Build — An owner first hires an architect, then seeks bids from general contractors to do the work and selects its contractor.
  • Construction Management Agency — An owner hires the architect, the construction manager and all the subcontractors directly. By nature of the setup, owners must be heavily involved.
  • Construction Management Agency At-Risk — Similar to the Construction Management Agency method, but in this approach the construction manager accepts bids from and hires the subcontractors and assumes direct responsibility for the project cost.
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) — An IPD approach reduces waste when compared to traditional delivery models. It’s a collaborative approach that creates less owner risk, aides in reducing change orders and can reduce design and construction costs.

No matter the approach an owner chooses, Berghammer brings the right people and the right expertise to ensuring the project is successful.