Wisconsin Shower Door, a leading provider of custom glass fabrications, was ready for expansion. The business owner sought to connect their existing facility with a neighboring property, aiming to increase capacity and accommodate future growth. To ensure a smooth and efficient expansion, they engaged our special projects team. 

Problem Statement 

Wisconsin Shower Door faced the challenge of connecting its current building with a newly acquired property in an efficient and timely way. With a 10,500 SF expansion and renovations required in their existing 38,000 SF facility, the main objective was to create an addition to allow the production areas to expand efficiently. In addition, planning with the operations team was imperative to minimize disruptions during construction. 


In close collaboration with Wisconsin Shower Door, we devised a detailed schedule and phased plan while presenting a comprehensive budget and alternative project ideas. Additionally, alongside SEH Architects and REYN Engineering, Inc., we ensured uniform integration between the two buildings, both structurally and architecturally, resulting in a flawless final product. 


The expansion project for Wisconsin Shower Door was executed with precision and care. The 10,500 SF building expansion seamlessly connected to the existing facility, incorporating the renovations. Not only did this increase total capacity, but it also improved overall efficiency, enabling Wisconsin Shower Door to grow its business better and serve its customers.   

In the end, Wisconsin Shower Door expressed their satisfaction with our services for several key reasons: 

  • Integration of preconstruction process: We seamlessly integrated the preconstruction process with the design process, enabling us to initiate the permitting and procurement processes simultaneously. This efficient approach allowed us to enclose the building before winter, successfully meeting their timeline goal. 
  • Detailed and accurate budget: Our team delivered a comprehensive and precise budget at the design development stage. This provided Wisconsin Shower Door with the necessary confidence to make informed decisions and proceed with the project. 
  • True partnership: Wisconsin Shower Door valued our commitment to being a genuine partner throughout the project. We took the time to understand their unique business needs and tailored our services to cater to them effectively, ensuring a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.