Saz’s Catering
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Saz’s growth required a plan to merge their multiple facilities into a single location, within the confines of an existing, 28,000 square foot industrial building.

Berghammer converted the series of old industrial structures into a new, high-capacity catering kitchen and operations center. This metamorphosis involved working around and within the constraints of existing structural features, utilities, and misaligned/sloped floors—all of which had to be accomplished within a limited budget. Because Berghammer was brought in early to collaborate with the owner and architect during the design process, the project was completed within the strict budget.

In addition, Berghammer paid special attention to Saz’s kitchens, coolers, and dishwash areas in order to design and construct for long-term durability against heavy use, while also coordinating for both brand-new and relocated equipment—all of which needed to be fully operational by April 1, 2015.

Office Areas = 7,000sf
Kitchen/Prep/Wash Areas = 5,000sf
Cooler/Freezer Space = 4,000sf
Warehouse/Storage Space = 12,000sf

Total building = 28,000sf