Immanuel Presbyterian Church Renovation and Additions

Immanuel Presbyterian Church, the oldest congregation in the city of Milwaukee at 177 years, recently completed an expansion and renovation of their magnificent church on North Astor Street in Milwaukee’s historic lower east side. Berghammer Construction is proud to have collaborated with the congregation, Kahler Slater Architects and a skilled group of subcontractors to achieve a remarkable result.

The project scope included the demolition of Waverly House, a detached two story building dating to 1958. The main church structure (over 100 years old) had a crawl-space and small, partial basement beneath it. The vision was to complete excavation and extend the basement in order to create a new education space for the congregation’s youth. This effort required a tedious shoring and excavation sequencing plan.

In addition to creating the new basement, two expansions to the main floor were added to provide a covered entrance and a conference center. In total, the project added 11,000 square feet of new usable space while creating 37 new at-grade parking stalls on site. The project was executed flawlessly and the main level of the church remained operational throughout the entire construction process for weekend services and weekday operations.

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Architect: Kahler Slater Architects
Duration: 8 months
Scope: 7,000 Square Feet