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Berghammer Construction has established itself as a leader in senior living construction over the last 25 years by repeatedly delivering peace of mind for every stakeholder.

Residents and their families appreciate Berghammer’s commitment to designing a senior living campus that blends thoughtfully with the fabric of the community, offering familiarity amidst a sometimes-difficult transition.

Berghammer puts employees at ease by deftly managing the complexities of building where people live and work. Noise, dust and other disruptions are minimized while safety and security are maximized.

Operators see Berghammer as a partner in their mission to provide comfort and value. Whether a facility offers independent and assisted living, skilled nursing, long-term care, hospice or any of the other components on the continuum of senior care, Berghammer’s expertise in estimating and pre-construction is a differentiator. Engaging on the front end of a project allows Berghammer to drive design that strikes the perfect balance among beauty, functionality and fiscal stewardship.


From the first “napkin sketch” to finished project, Berghammer Construction is on your side with a unique, hands on approach to pre-construction. By engaging clients at the right time — the beginning — Berghammer asks critical questions of architects, designers and owners that save time, save money and eliminate surprises.
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It’s disheartening — and expensive — to see your dreams gathering dust in the form of idle blueprints and renderings deemed unrealistic for your budget. Berghammer’s pre-construction estimating process saves you that money and heartache. Berghammer puts the right people and the right expertise on the task of bringing your project to life.
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Senior living service organizations need more than a brick-and-steel builder, they need a partner who works to understand the organization’s mission and strives to help it succeed.
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Working in occupied spaces is a challenge, and Berghammer Construction embraces it with the right expertise and just the right touch.
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Featured Biography

Joseph Schmit, P.E., Vice President of Construction

As Vice President of Construction, Joe is responsible for all aspects of his projects from pre-construction through closeout. Working with the project team, Joe oversees budgeting, scheduling, bidding, subcontractor selection, quality control and management of all work. He maintains direct contact with the owner and the design team throughout the process to insure the highest customer satisfaction.

Joe’s recent project experience has focused on senior living and multi-family projects. This includes the challenges of expanding existing occupied facilities and working on congested sites. Senior living projects have included Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Therapy/ Rehab, and Community/ Wellness. During his career, Joe has had the opportunity to serve a wide variety of market sectors, including K-12 education, higher education, condominium, office, commercial, religious and institutional. Joe has also worked extensively in supermarket and retail construction.

Joe has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Marquette University.

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