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Synergy At The District – Wauwatosa

1505 Apartments – Grafton

Racine Dominican Residence at Siena

Concord Place Apartments

Concord Place – Oshkosh

A Mixed-use Residential project won’t work if the numbers don’t.

To that end, Berghammer’s expertise in estimating and pre-construction is a differentiator. Berghammer Construction established itself as a leader in construction by repeatedly delivering peace of mind for every stakeholder.

The Right People…

Berghammer Executive Vice President and Partner, Kevin White, has more than 24 years of construction experience across many market sectors. Kevin started his career at Berghammer where he progressed to Senior Project Manager as a 10-year Berghammer employee. Kevin departed for 10 years to become Director of Construction at Fiduciary Real Estate Development. Kevin returned to Berghammer in 2015 as a Partner. During the past 10 years, Kevin has been immersed in the design, development, and construction of over 2,500 multi-family units. 

Engaging on the front end of a project allows Berghammer to drive design that strikes the perfect balance among beauty, functionality and operator return on investment. We’ve developed a comprehensive management system of scheduling, budgeting, quality assurance and safety programs to ensure each project exceeds its goals. Each property is characterized by the company’s collaborative efforts between construction, management, and development teams. From money, time, and headache-saving preconstruction services— to legendary construction management—Berghammer always delivers a quality product, on time and within budget.

In order to meet the challenging demands of today’s multi-use and multi-family residential facility construction requirements, a great team starts very early in the process. At Berghammer Construction, we collaborate with architects and clients to examine all options to effectively balance facility requirements with the construction budget available. As your facility construction partner, Berghammer provides proven pre-construction services, such as:

  • Budget Development
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Cost Estimating
  • Value Analysis
  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Control
  • Safety Protocols
  • Competitive Subcontracting
  • Quality Management
  • Project Management

The pre-construction phase enables us to provide you with savings you can either redirect to use in other areas, or to increase the project scope where necessary.


From the first “napkin sketch” to finished project, Berghammer Construction is on your side with a unique, hands on approach to pre-construction. By engaging clients at the right time — the beginning — Berghammer asks critical questions of architects, designers and owners that save time, save money and eliminate surprises.
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It’s disheartening — and expensive — to see your dreams gathering dust in the form of idle blueprints and renderings deemed unrealistic for your budget. Berghammer’s pre-construction estimating process saves you that money and heartache. Berghammer puts the right people and the right expertise on the task of bringing your project to life.
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Working in occupied spaces is a challenge, and Berghammer Construction embraces it with the right expertise and just the right touch.
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Berghammer Construction’s Quality Assurance Program begins long before shovels hit the ground, and leaves a lasting impact well after the ribbon cutting.
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Kevin White, Executive Vice President & Principal

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