Berghammer’s Tammy Krenz Named One of BizTimes Notable Women in Construction & Design

Tammy Krenz
Director of Project Administration, Associate

Berghammer congratulates Tammy Krenz on being named one of BizTimes’ Notable Women In Construction & Design. Tammy’s role at Berghammer has long involved much more than solely project coordinator duties. In 2017 she was named Director of Project Administration to more appropriately reflect her standing within the organization as the director of administrative standards, protocols, and compliance on our construction projects.

She is the leader in maintaining and enforcing the project control and documentation standards—necessary for effective project management in our fast-paced and often chaotic construction world. She is our internal control for risk management on a project management level to ensure that documentation standards are maintained. Under Tammy’s tutelage, the entire coordinator team has continued to grow as an extension of these traits and skills that we value as a company.

Tammy was a 2018 inductee into Berghammer’s Associate Program, which provides another level of recognition of key, long-term employees that positively impact our business. Tammy holds an Associates Degree in Accounting from Chippewa Valley Technical College and has been working in the construction industry since 2000.