From the first “napkin sketch” to finished project, Berghammer Construction is on your side with a unique, hands on approach to pre-construction.

By engaging clients at the right time — the beginning — Berghammer asks critical questions of architects, designers and owners that save time, save money and eliminate surprises.

“When you make a building mistake, it’s typically a generational mistake,” says Jim Parks, President and Principal. “You have one shot to get it right.”

Berghammer’s collaborative process has been validated time and again in projects such as the Felician Village in Manitowoc, St. Mary’s Visitation Parish in Elm Grove and Siena On The Lake in Racine. In each instance, Berghammer’s pre-construction philosophy uncovered value opportunities in designs that initially were on the wrong path.

“We get involved early on in a project when plans could be the proverbial napkin sketch,” says Chris Rozof, Director of Estimating. “And we help a client understand what the costs of a project are going to be within a reasonable certainty before they spend a lot of money on engaging an architect.”

Kevin White, Executive Vice President and Principal, emphasizes that understanding and restraining costs doesn’t mean “cheap.”

“There are times when everybody thinks of change as cutting corners or reducing quality,” he says. “No, we’re making changes that affect the owner’s operation after we’re gone, that improve things.”

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