It’s disheartening — and expensive — to see your dreams gathering dust in the form of idle blueprints and renderings deemed unrealistic for your budget.

Berghammer’s pre-construction estimating process saves you that money and heartache. Berghammer puts the right people and the right expertise on the task of bringing your project to life.

Led by Chris Rozof, one of only a handful of Certified Professional Estimators in Wisconsin, our staff creates reliable cost models with very limited information. Historically Berghammer’s initial pre-construction budgets are accurate to within 2% of the final project price, a testament to our experience, systems and process. When a Berghammer budget is converted to a Guaranteed Maximum Price, clients receive on average 1.65% of savings through the open book bidding process.

“We have a track record here of sweating the details early on, and we don’t need a full set of plans,” says Jim Parks, President.

But good pre-construction estimating is a process, not a one-time event. Berghammer is on your side throughout planning and design, ever mindful of both your budget and your vision.

“Once the project is ready to take the next step and the client is ready to engage an architect, we work hand in hand with the client and the architect to manage the budget and the design through the design process, so that costs don’t spiral out of control,” says Chris Rozof, Director of Estimating.

Phased Contingency Release

Berghammer’s unique phased contingency approach, a product of accurate budgeting, creates additional value. Instead of adding a flat percentage to a project to address contingencies, Berghammer develops contingencies based on the specific risks it can identity for different areas of a project. Once a specific aspect of the project is complete, the associated contingency is released, providing the client financial flexibility.

“By having a phased release of contingency during the project, it allows our clients to have the opportunity to add more scope if there are other things they’d like to add to the project. And because our budgets are accurate, we generally work with less of a contingency than most other contractors.” – Chris Rozof

“We have a track record here of sweating the details early on, and we don’t need a full set of plans.”

-Jim Parks, President