MC2 High School

MC2 High School, with a capacity for 100 students, was the first “blended virtual high school” for 9th-12th grade students in the City of Milwaukee. This charter school combines a balanced program of online curriculum, self-paced work and face-to-face teacher support. As students advance, they earn the privilege to work from home. Space modifications to the 18,000 square-foot, 1900’s-era manufacturing structure—along with the required addition of a fire sprinkler system—were designed and constructed to respect the original character and architecture of the building and surrounding  Walker’s Point neighborhood. Berghammer completed the fast-track renovation in six weeks; just in time for teachers and students to start the school year.  MC2 High School is a charter school operated by Seeds of Health, Inc.

Location:   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Architect:   Eppstein Uhen Architects
Duration:   3 months