Berghammer Construction Corporation is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

We’re offering reimbursement for the purchase of required protective footwear.

This program applies to all BCC employees who are required to wear protective footwear when working at or visiting job sites.

Employees are responsible for wearing the required footwear for the project site they are assigned to or visiting. It is strongly suggested that when purchasing protective footwear, this is taken into consideration, as the program only covers the dollars listed below.

Berghammer encourages the use of steel-toe or composite-toe work boots due to the additional safety provided. Please note that Berghammer will not reimburse additional dollars should you require steel/composite-toed boots for a jobsite you are assigned to in the future that requires steel/composite-toed boots due to facility policy or the work being performed.

All permanent full-time employees are eligible after 6-months of work based on the following criteria:

Office Staff
Jobsite Visits on a Weekly Basis
$300/5-years (up to $300 every 5 years)

Jobsite Visits on a Monthly or Less Basis
One-time reimbursement of up to $150

Field Staff
$300/2-years (up to $300 every two years)

Upon meeting the eligibility requirement of six months of full-time work, the reimbursement period will be based on the date of the last reimbursement. This is a “use it or lose it policy.” If dollars are unused during the reimbursement period, they expire. Dollars do not accrue.

Employee acquires protective footwear and submits receipt to:
Reimbursements will be processed weekly/bi-weekly based on your payroll period.


Berghammer has teamed up with Stan’s Fit For Your Feet to make your dollar go further by providing a 15% discount on regular-priced steel/composite or soft-toed work boots, including insoles and compression socks. NOTE: Insoles and compression socks are NOT part of the reimbursement program. Proof of employment is required at the time of purchase. (Examples include a business card or recent paystub (within one month).) Steel-toed boots are only available at their Greenfield location, while soft-toed work boots are sold at all three locations. Stan’s continues to be one of the few that remain “sit and fit” shoe stores.

17155 West Bluemound Road, Brookfield, WI 53005

Greenfield (have steel-toe)
7405 West Layton Avenue, Greenfield, WI 53200

505 West Silver Spring Drive, Glendale, WI 53217