Continuous Improvement Association

We are looking for any and all ideas that provide improved results around safety, quality, efficiency, cost, schedule, etc. This helps us in achieving our Lean Mission: To build a culture that embraces more efficient processes by utilizing lean principles to achieve operational excellence.

Ideas will be featured in quarterly announcements with awards for the top ideas — with an annual Grand Prize. Judging criteria includes quality, safety, productivity, cost, and innovation.


  1. Develop new idea that addresses quality, safety, productivity, or innovation. This can be related to administrative tasks, office/PM tasks, work we are performing in the field, work with our subs, basically anything that affects our daily life.
  2. Test the idea by trying it out, building your prototype, or however you might confirm this idea is viable. Work with your supervisor, if necessary, to secure the proper resources to test your theory.
  3. Submit idea for review through the WEB LINK.
  4. Email to share any photos or additional/supporting information that was not provided through the web link.
  5. Ideas are reviewed monthly and shared with the teams at bi-monthly safety meetings and monthly staff meetings.
  6. Quarterly, gift card(s) will be awarded to the most innovative/impactful ideas shared. This will be announced through the quarterly company update.
  7. Annually, a grand prize(s) will be awarded for the most outstanding ideas and announced at the State of the Company meeting in December.

CLICK HERE for the Idea Submission Form