Immanuel Presbyterian Church Renovation and Additions

St. Joan of Arc Parish

St. Mary’s Visitation Parish

Building a new house of worship is a daunting journey for any faith community. Typical construction challenges are compounded by the burden of raising the necessary funds from members who already generously support a series of ministries.

Berghammer Construction helps you turn these challenges into opportunities to create a foundation for generations of membership. We’ll help ignite your members’ passion for the project by showing what their financial support can achieve. And throughout the design and build process, Berghammer’s commitment to stewardship ensures every decision is made with the utmost fiscal prudence.

Berghammer has guided projects such as St. Mary’s Visitation Parish in Elm Grove — where Berghammer identified savings that exceeded our fee — and a remodel and expansion of Immanuel Presbyterian Church, the oldest congregation in Milwaukee, located in the Lower East Side. Throughout all our worship facility projects across the region, Berghammer has demonstrated a unique talent for achieving the right balance between artistic zeal and fiscal responsibility.


From the first “napkin sketch” to finished project, Berghammer Construction is on your side with a unique, hands on approach to pre-construction. By engaging clients at the right time — the beginning — Berghammer asks critical questions of architects, designers and owners that save time, save money and eliminate surprises.
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It’s disheartening — and expensive — to see your dreams gathering dust in the form of idle blueprints and renderings deemed unrealistic for your budget. Berghammer’s pre-construction estimating process saves you that money and heartache. Berghammer puts the right people and the right expertise on the task of bringing your project to life.
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Religious communities require more than a brick-and-steel builder, they need a partner who understands the congregation’s mission and endeavors to help it blossom.
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Berghammer Construction’s Quality Assurance Program begins long before shovels hit the ground, and leaves a lasting impact well after the ribbon cutting.
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Featured Biography

Leif A. Nesheim, CEO & Principal

Since purchasing the company in 1988, Leif has enhanced Berghammer’s reputation for quality and customer satisfaction in the marketplace. Leif’s vision and management lead the firm’s long term planning and strategies. Under his leadership, Berghammer experienced steady growth. Leif has been involved in the construction of numerous landmark projects in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Leif combined his project management experience as a senior executive with a national design/build firm with his hands-on approach to construction solutions, introducing his proven fast track and design build concepts to the Southeastern Wisconsin marketplace.
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