2020 Golden Hammer Awards

Due to COVID-19, we had to “go virtual” this year with the Berghammer Golden Hammer Awards for our Trades Partners. Here’s the 2020 Nominees and the three Golden Hammer Award Winners!

Darian Siegel Promoted to Assistant Project Manager

“Darian Siegel joined the Berghammer team right out of college.  While her previous training and experiences gave her a solid head-start when she arrived at Berghammer, she has since grown steadily through her own dedication, persistence, and intelligence.  She operates by the Values we strive for in all Berghammer Team Members. We congratulate Darian on her promotion to Assistant Project Manager.  It is a well-deserved recognition of her own growth and contributions to the Berghammer Team.” — Matt Iwanski, Sr. Vice President, Principal

Matt Iwanski Recognized with Lumen Christi Church Altar Mosaics Dedication

Lumen Christi Church Altar Mosaics Dedication On Sunday, October 11th, Berghammer Principal, Matt Iwanski, along with Rev. Daniel Sanders, Pastor, and Michael Walton, Building Project Chairperson — were recognized at the blessing of the new ambo & tabernacle mosaics. “The mosaics of the Four Gospels were commissioned in honor of their leadership and perseverance to complete the school and church renovation project.”

You can watch the dedication at this link.