Concours Motors

The five auto brands that occupy Concours Motors’ single building, in a more perfect world, would have their own freestanding stores and identities. Manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, for example, have very specific branding design standards for their dealerships.

However, Concours Motors is located on a very tight urban space, and grew over the years in the brands they represent. Obvious location and economic sense dictated that the brands remain under one physical structure, but a plan was developed to provide them with their own distinct spaces, much like individual stores within a mall.

The Mercedes shop now features signature blue columns and a structural canopy over patio-like display areas. Mazda and Saab share a storefront but each has their brand logo on either side of the entrance. Porsche shares anodized faade treatments with the others, but inside is distinctly its own. The project was a huge success in meeting Concours Motors’ needs and goals.