5th Annual HopeShiningBlue

April 25 – International Denim Day – Berghammer was honored to serve as a sponsor and stand with survivors for one of Aurora Health Care’s most inspirational fundraising events: The Fifth Annual Hope Shining Blue at Turner Hall Ballroom. The event supports Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services which provide trauma-informed care including crisis intervention and long-term healing services for survivors or rape, incest, sexual abuse and sexual violence, as well as pregnant women experiencing domestic abuse. The event included a fashion show, featuring survivor models and the presentation of the 2018 Hope Shining THRIVE AWARD. If you’d like to support or learn more about this worthy cause, visit give.aurora.org/hopeshiningblue.

New BERG HAMMER Corporate Identity

April 1, 2018

Berghammer Construction retained the Norwegian-based design firm of Fjerde+Månedens+Dumme Grafikk to conduct a study of American construction company branding and develop a Berghammer corporate visual identity for the 21st century. “We felt it a good idea to tap the design sensibility of the Scandinavians,” said Jim Parks, Principal and President of Berghammer. Kevin White, Principal and Executive Vice President of Berghammer added, “Our marketing manager got a “Poang Chair” from IKEA, and we thought, hey, these folks know their stuff. They put us in touch with the Norwegian-based Fjerde+Månedens+Dumme Grafikk.” (www.fmdgrafikk.com)

Baard Dumme, founder of the award-winning creative firm, was intrigued by the opportunity to work with Berghammer. “Construction is a new thing for us, but we gladly accepted the opportunity and challenge. The prospect of a trans-Atlantic project was exciting. Fjerde+Månedens+Dumme Grafikk is best-known in Europe for our packaging design and branding sensibility, recently winning praise for our “whimsical” labeling for canned Surströmming.”

“However, it wasn’t the smoothest process,” said White. “We hit a linguistic road-bump in the translation of the Berghammer name.”

Anna Fjerde, Creative Director of FMDG, explained: “Totally my bad. At first, I didn’t realize that ‘Berghammer’ was a founder’s surname, and quickly ran a bit too far down the conceptual path based on our understanding of ‘Berg’ and ‘Hammer.’ It was all actually quite funny. We were about to start over, but Berghammer management decided to just go with it.”

Månedens was responsible for the final iteration of the Berhammer BERG HAMMER logo. “We all wanted it to be clear and memorable”, said Månedens, “You should just glance at a logo and intuitively KNOW the name. I think we accomplished that.”

It was an interesting twist that the same English-Norwegian translation quirks in interpreting Berg Hammer from Berghammer revealed that Fjerde+Månedens+Dumme translates to “Fourth Month Fool.”